The University of Northern Iowa Emeritus Association began in December, 1986.  Ross Nielsen, retired Head of the Department of Teaching , drafted procedures, gained approval from university administrators and faculty agencies, and presided over the first meeting of the Association.

Later, Professor Nielsen prepared a definitive study of the founding and development of the Association. The title of his book is "A Review of the History and Development of Emeritus Status at the University of Northern Iowa . . . 1876-1996" and was published by the UNI Foundation and the UNIEA.  Chapter titles are shown below.

Chapter 1: Introduction.

Chapter 2: Listing of UNI Emeritus Faculty by Class and Years of Service.

Chapter 3: Emeritus Faculty Policies and Procedures.

Chapter 4: The Founding of the UNI Emeritus Association.

Unfortunately, the book is no longer in print.


At the first meeting of the UNIEA Advisory Council, these three purposes of the new organization were identified:

  • To involve emeriti/ae, as appropriate, in the ongoing affairs of the University by enabling them to provide supplemental and enrichment assistance and services to UNI programs and agencies.
  • To serve the collegial and individual needs of the University emeritus/a faculty, and to support the continued participation of emeriti/ae in the University community.
  • To promote collegiality among emeriti/ae, and to provide a vehicle through which they may with comfort and grace involve themselves in continuing professional growth, professional contribution, and service to the University, the community, and the larger society.