Necrology Report

Deceased Year 2024
Name Department Deceased Year
Mr. James D. Anderson ED/HPELS 2024
Ms. Myra R. Boots HFA/Comm Disorders 2024
Dr. A. John Holstad HFA/School of Music 2024
Dr. Jerry V Caswell Library/Library Info. Tech. 2024
Mr. Donald R. Walton Administration 2024
Dr. David A. Whitsett SBS/Psychology 2024
Dr. Clair D. Rowe CBA/Marketing 2024
Deceased Year 2023
Name Department Deceased Year
Dr. William R. Thrall HPELS/Administration 2023
Dr. Jonathan J. Lu SBS/Geography 2023
Dr Charles R. May ED/Curriculum & Instruction 2023
Dr. Curtis P. Nielsen 2023
Mr. Donald R. Walton Administration 2023
Curtis Nielsen Teaching 2023
Dr. Leland A. Thomson Administration 2023
Mr. Dennis Reimer ITS Media Services 2023
Dr. Thomas Fogarty SBS/Geography and Public Policy 2023
Dr. Ronald Bro NS/Industrial Technology 2023
Dr. Janice Abel Administration 2023
Dr. Robert L. Ross SBS/Political Science 2023
Dr. William C Wood, II Institute for Decision Making 2023
Dr. Rip Marston COE/KAHHS 2023
Dr. Nick E. Teig ED/Teaching 2023
Dr. Paul J. Porter ED/Educational Psychology & Foundations 2023
Dr. Eldon Peters ED/Educational Psychology & Foundations 2023
Ms. Charlene Eblen HFA/English Language & Literature 2023
Mr. Jon E. Hansen HFA/Music 2023
Mr. William Shepherd HFA/Music 2023
Dr. Donna Thompson Health, Rec Comm. Services 2023
Dr. Leroy McGrew Chemistry & Biochemistry 2023
Dr. Leland Thomson Applied Engineering 2023
Dr. Kenneth McCormick Economics 2023
Dr. Barbara Hetrick Biology 2023