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Using Acrobat Reader

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After installing Acrobat Reader, double-click a PDF file to start Acrobat Reader.

The reader will load the PDF file as shown below.  Part of the first page of the file will appear on your monitor.

When you are using the reader on-line (i.e., while you are connected to the Internet), your browser's toolbar will appear at the top of your screen directly above the Acrobat Reader toolbar.  For a larger view of the above image showing a browser's toolbar, and the Acrobat Reader toolbar click here:
( larger view of Internet Explorer and Acrobat Reader  ) or ( larger view of Netscape and Acrobat Reader )

You can resize the Acrobat Reader image by using the size drop-down window (shown in %) on the toolbar that appears at the bottom of the Acrobat Reader window.  You can move from page-to-page by using the page forward button ( > ) on this same toolbar, or use the scrollbar on the right of the screen.  To return to your browser's previous window, and close the Acrobat Reader, click on the Back button on your browser's toolbar.

To print a copy of the PDF file, click on the printer icon on the top toolbar of the Acrobat Reader.
When printing one or more pages of the file, use the "Fit to page" option on your printer's menu.

For more help using Acrobat Reader, choose Help > Acrobat Guide from within Acrobat Reader.

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