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This page provides Adobe Acrobat Reader files of the annual spring UNIEA Newsletters.

Please note:  The UNIEA logo that normally appears on the top of each page of the printed newsletter as well as photographs appearing in the printed versions of the Spring 2000 and earlier copies of the newsletter are not contained in the Acrobat Reader files since these items were "pasted" to printed copy of the electronic version of the newsletter before it was sent to the printer.

You will need to have the (free) Adobe Acrobat Reader utility on your computer in order to download and read and/or print these files.  Go here (Adobe Reader) to get the free utility.  If you have never used the Acrobat Reader, please go here for additional information:  (more information). The file "Spring_selected year.pdf" will be download to your device. You may need to active Acrobat.

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Bill Waack's Update to 2005 Newsletter: -- These Feedback messages (see below) arrived too late to be printed in the UNIEA News, so they are provided here.

Martha Holvik -- A big change in my life—a move from almost ten years in a condominium to a very pleasant, comfortable apartment in the Independent Living Building of the Lutheran Home.  Although the preparation for the “Great Move” was demanding and stressful, the satisfaction of being happily situated has erased the “hassle” from my mind.  At present, I’m looking forward to six weeks in Green Valley, Arizona, where I will enjoy making music with many retired musicians who have become my good friends.

Dale and Vivian Jackson -- Drs. Dale and Vivian Jackson (2002) were members of a delegation to the People’s Republic of China in November 2004. The delegation comprised of university faculty and PK-12 educators was under the auspices of People to People Ambassador Programs in collaboration with the National Association for Multicultural Education. The focus of the delegate’s visit was multicultural education in the Chinese system of education and how they address issues of diversity amongst 52 ethnic/cultural minorities as they prepare students for entry into the international workforce. The delegation visited primary, secondary, and colleges/universities in the cities of Beijing, Chongqing, and Kunming to observe and interact with teacher preparation faculty, teachers, and administrators to see how students are taught and to see the cultural influences on teaching and learning. A highlight of the delegation’s visit was a three-day cruise on the Yangtze River and a tour of the famous Three Gorges Dam Project.  

Richard and Elizabeth Strub -- We are both fine and really enjoying retirement—even after nearly 13 years.  We even enjoy winter weather here with its quiet solitude and sharp temperatures.  It just lasts a little too long.  However, there is no real difference from Cedar Falls weather.  Mary Butzier is doing fine and keeps UNI Bay and her church running smoothly.  It was good to get the spring issue of the uniEA newsletter, and we enjoyed reading about topics of several of our friends.

Necrology -- The following names were inadvertently omitted from UNIEA News listings:  (1) Dr. Manuel Febles, HFA/Modern Languages [12/02/1999]; (2) Elmer Kortemeyer, ED/HPELS [12/2003].  Since publication of the 2005 UNIEA News, the University has been notified of the death of Frank Vilmain, NS/Physics [3/23/05].

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